Can a MATLAB function edit the input?

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In Python, I could define, say, a linked list via the class 'node' with attribute 'next', then define a recursive function
def addtoend(root, newnode):
if == None: = newnode
else: addtoend(,newnode)
I can't figure out how do implement this in MATLAB - I can define the class 'node' but MATLAB doesn't seem to allow functions to modify the input and keep it in the workspace. Is there any way around this?

Accepted Answer

Steve Eddins
Steve Eddins on 19 Aug 2021
You'll need your class to subclass handle. See the documentation page "Implementing Linked Lists with Classes" for details.
Steve Eddins
Steve Eddins on 19 Aug 2021
There are many benefits to the normal MATLAB function-calling behavior in which functions do not modify their inputs. I'll leave it up to you to assess the balance of pros and cons for your own work. :-)

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