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How can I generate a grid schematic in MATLAB?

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Roel on 29 Jul 2014
Commented: Roel on 30 Jul 2014
Hi guys, I am currently working on a GUI to model the effects of low temperature on a PV array. The GUI (as made from the GUIDE) as of now takes in user inputs from text boxes in order to change some of the parameters of the PV modules (such as short circuit current and ideality factor).
However, the GUI ideally should be able to output a grid of cells whose dimensions correspond to however many cells are wired in series and in parallel. The user would then click on individual cells and be able to change the individual characteristics of each cell and view its IV curve.
How can you generate a grid of images that can change according to user input? For example if the user states that there are 2 rows of 5 cells wired in series connected to each other in parallel, the GUI will display a 2x5 array of cells. I have the actual equations written for manipulating the IV curves already written but I don't know how to generate this grid of cells.
Thanks in advance!
Roel on 29 Jul 2014
Something like this, it should just be an image (not editable), but the actual array should change. For example, I have attached a 3x5 array. I would want this to also generate a 4x5 and any n x m array.
Each of the individual cells can be selected by the user and have its individual IV curve and parameters shown/edited.

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Sara on 29 Jul 2014
Take a look at the code. nrow and ncol will be your adjustable inputs. Now the code wait for the user to click on the image (ginput); you can change that behavior by checking the mouse click. It really depends on what you want to do.
Roel on 30 Jul 2014
As of now they don't have default values, the user would input the values according to the type of solar cell they are working with. But soon I will set it to the default values of the type of cells we use in our lab, which is:
Series res: [0 0 0] Shunt res: [10000 10000 10000] Short circuit current: [1.8 1.9 3] Open circuit voltage: [1.4 1 0.3] Ideality factor: [3 3 3]

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