Convert C struct to matlab struct

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zohar on 23 Aug 2011
Hi all
I have two applications the first is written in c language and the other in matlab language, they are both communicateby using tcp.
Application 1(c language) send struct data to application 2(matlab language).
How can i make matlab recognize the received data as a struct data?
For example :
struct My_struct1
int x;
int y[10];
struct My_struct2
char x1;
char y1[10];
float x2;
float y2[10];
double x3;
double y3[10];
My_struct1 z;
I want to send My_struct2 from c to matlab.

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 23 Aug 2011
Depends on the medium? How are you communicating with C in MATLAB? a) Are you using MEX files?
In that case you could create a mxStruct of the same type and fill it up with data and send it to MATLAB,
b) Are you using Generic C dlls, (loadlibrary) command in MATLAB that loads a C dll. If thats the case, you can use libstruct to get the data in MATLAB.
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zohar on 24 Aug 2011
Hi Chirag
I am not using any MEX files or any C dll.
The both applications are independent and located at different computers.
Sorry but I accepted the answer by mistake (I posted another one more specified).
Any help ?

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