How Can I Detect to Circles in Live Feed From Basler Camera via Simulink or Matlab

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Hello everyone. Firstly, I am new user for Simulink and Matlab.
I have a Basler aca2440-75um camera and I need detect the circles from live feed from this camera on Simulink.
I can run the Basler camera on Simulink using the Image Acquisition Toolbox and I can do edge detection thanks to a method I found on the internet. Blocks which I used are;
from video device - edge detection (prewitt) - compositing (highlight) - to video display
After edge detection thanks to these blocks, what do I need to do for circle detection? What blocks should I add? Or how can i detect circles via basler camera with another way? I'd really appreciate it if you could help me in detail.
Kind regards

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Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 30 Aug 2021
Based on my understanding, you want to perform circle detection on the images from a live feed. You can use imfindcircles function to detect circles using Hough Transform. Additionally MATLAB function block of Simulink lets you apply a MATLAB function to data in Simulink. To sum it up, imfindcircles can be integrated with a function block for circle detection. Please refer to the following answer for additional information about usage of imcircles.

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