Why does this example from MathWorks work on Windows but not on Mac?

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I'm trying to run this example straight from the MathWorks LeanerFMWaveform page.
fs = 500e3;
sLFM = phased.LinearFMWaveform('SampleRate',fs,...
lfmwav = step(sLFM);
nsamp = size(lfmwav,1);
t = [0:(nsamp-1)]/fs;
When I run it on MATLAB on Windows, it works as expected and plots the signal. When I run it on MATLAB on Mac, I get this error:
Error using plot
Too many input arguments.
I'm running version R2021a on both operating systems. Why is this not working on Mac?

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 Aug 2021
which -all plot
It's not win v. mac but that you've shadowed plot on the failing machine.

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