Classify Static Image Using Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi

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When I follow 'Classify Static Image Using Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi'example,
I don't understand this part of this example. i use R2021a
what is (To update the file manually, copy the generated main.cpp and main.h files to one level higher than the current level in the file hierarchy. Open the main.cpp file from the GENERATED CODE section of the code generation report and update the file by adding code at the points labeled in this code.) mean?

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Kanchan Jadhav
Kanchan Jadhav on 14 Sep 2021
Edited: Kanchan Jadhav on 14 Sep 2021
Let me tell you a gist of the section Step 4: Edit C++ Main File to Accept Input from Command Line of Raspberry Pi
You need to modify the code in the main.cpp file. You can do this either manually by following the steps as shown in the image or you can use the premodified main.cpp file that is shipped with this example.
You can access the main.cpp file from these locations:
1. In the example, navigate to codegen > exe > raspi_fileRead_resnet > examples > main.cpp file.
2. In Code Generation Report, in the Generated Code section, you can view the main.cpp file.
After you have completed modifying the contents manually, copy the main.cpp and main.h files from the codegen > exe > raspi_fileRead_resnet > examples location and paste the files to codegen > exe > raspi_fileRead_resnet location.
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chan yeoung woo
chan yeoung woo on 16 Sep 2021
thank you but i can't find premodified mian.cpp file
where is it? :(

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