Customize toolstrip, to new one section

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Leo Zhai
Leo Zhai on 8 Sep 2021
Edited: Sivani Pentapati on 29 Sep 2021
when I build simulink model, I often need to do some repeated work, e.g. set one block code generation parameters to inline or non-resuable. For one-click quick operation, I develop one always-on-top app(by app-designer) ) to do that.
For many reasons, I want to make as bellow: new a section in toolstrip and add functions inside.
I googled the way, but not foud. could you give me the solution or advice. Thank you !

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Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 29 Sep 2021
Edited: Sivani Pentapati on 29 Sep 2021
From my understanding, you want to add a custom tab to the Simulink Toolstrip. This can be done using the slCreateToolstripTab function. Please refer to the following documentation link for list of functions to customize Simulink environemnt. This is introduced in the R2021b version of Simulink


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