Can I access what's in the test vector in MatLab code during Main Test?

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James on 26 Aug 2011
I saw a matlab page that talked about a getValue method, but I get an error saying "Attempt to reference field of non-structure array".
I don't think I understand what TestVector is, so that I can access its contents. The help really focuses on how to create them using the wizard.
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James on 26 Aug 2011
What I've sometimes done is created an input and signal straight to an output simply for a signal that's in the Test Vector (such as expected output), so that I can use it in a check as is appropriate. It's the easiest access I've normally found to it.

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Accepted Answer

Bart Addis
Bart Addis on 29 Aug 2011
If you create a MATLAB element in the Main Test, you'll be able to access the test vector directly by name. It will contain the value for the current iteration.
If you create a test vector T with values [1:1:10], then in iteration 3, T will have the value 3.
James on 29 Aug 2011
The former, the wizard claims it evaluates to a 1x1 cell but I've realised - for example - TestVector1(1,3) does give access to the third element on the first row.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 26 Aug 2011
Is your test vector data a structure? The function to get its field is called getfield(). getvalue() seems to be a different function.
James on 29 Aug 2011
If you want to access SystemTest variables from the Command Window you need to use:
stresults.ResultsDataSet; // used after a test
// or
obj = systest.testresults.getCurrent;
currentResults = obj.ResultsDataSet; // used during a test
If you hadn't realised, I'm not trying to access it in the Command Window - but in a SystemTest Matlab code element.

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