How do I force a system without continuous states to use the ode3 Solver instead the fixed step discrete?

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I created four simscape Models with a different amount of details in it and i have to compare them using various tests, including Hardware-in-the Loop after Code Generation.
For that reason i chose the Ode3 Solver to run the Systems on the hardware. Now i want to compare their impact on the CPU-Perfomance.All of the systems should use the same Solver for better comparability, but the simplest of the models i created automatically uses the fixed step discrete solver instead the ode3.
Is there a way for me to force the ode3 solver onto this system?

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Anshika Chourasia
Anshika Chourasia on 13 Oct 2021
For solver selection go to the Modelling -> Model Settings-> Solver pane and select the desired solver setting. Please refer the following link for more information: Setting Up Solvers for Physical Models - MATLAB & Simulink (




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