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Simulink H-infinity controller

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Greg Tsagkatakis
Greg Tsagkatakis on 27 Aug 2011
I'm trying to model a qLPV system with a qLPV H-infinity synthesized controller in Simulink. The system has to track a reference trajectory.
The system is a 2-input 2-output parameter varying system.
In an Interpreted MATLAB Function block (in Simulink) I take in the error and the parameters, which are related to the outputs of the qLPV system. I define my affine parameter-dependent model, form the plant interconnection using sconnect, synthesize the gain-scheduled controller with hinfgs.m, then compute the gain matrix using Kp=psinfo(pdK,'eval',polydec(pv,[p1,p2])).
I'm not sure how to get my control from the compute gain matrix. The gain matrix is quite large and this function block should only output a 2x1 vector (the controls to the qLPV plant).
If anyone has experience with this type of modeling or can offer any sort of advice, then I would be very grateful if you wouldn't mind to share with me.
Thank you.

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