How to copy a Simscape example project done in Mathwork

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I copied an example project blocks 'Linear Electric Actuator' to my project and modified some parameters inside the blocks.
However, when I run the copied model I am not getting a result out of it, is it because I didn't copy the workspace of the original project?
Could you please explain to me the right way of using an example project in my project, and how to include the workspace in my project if that is what is causing the issue?
Thank you

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Anshika Chourasia
Anshika Chourasia on 13 Oct 2021
Hi Reham,
According to my understanding this erroneous behaviour is because of not importing the variables from the original project into the copied project. Please refer this link for importing variables: Edit and Manage Workspace Variables by Using Model Explorer - MATLAB & Simulink (
Alternatively, you can make use of Block callback functions Block Callbacks - MATLAB & Simulink ( to define variables that should be loaded into the base workspace once the block is loaded. This helps in resolving missing variable issues in such cases.
I hope this helps you!


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