System Phase Portrait

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Izu on 17 Feb 2011
Answered: Pratik Bajaria on 12 Aug 2014
Hello, how can I draw the Phase portrait of the following system:
x' = x^3 + y - 3
y' = x + 5y + y^3 - 4
Is there some "catch" or it goes straightforward to something like:
function res = func2(t, y)
res = [y(1).^3 + y(2) -3;
y(1)+ 5*y(2)+ y(2).^3 -4];
Should I use y*y*y or y.^3?
Edit: How can I find the equilibrium points of the system?

Answers (1)

Pratik Bajaria
Pratik Bajaria on 12 Aug 2014
Use ode45 function to plot the phase portraits. Check this out:

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