Structure problem? How to write a loop to solve it?

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tabw on 14 Aug 2014
Commented: tabw on 17 Aug 2014
I have a 1x N Structure called
Structure(1).data and Structure(i).data have different dimensions.
I want Structure(1).data minus Structure(2:i).data;
and see those value from subtraction contains the certain value.
If it is, combine it to new Structure and use the new Structure to do the subtraction
and so on.
In short, Structure(1)-Structure(2)= true; Structure(1)=Structure(1)+Structure(2) and use Structure (1) -Structure(3) ...until Structure(i) after combine the useful Structure into Structure(1) Store it.
And use the left Structure to subtract any Structure. group it again
until all the Structures are grouped..
How to write a loop about this?

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