Debug mode problem. How to solve it?

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tabw on 17 Aug 2014
Commented: per isakson on 17 Aug 2014
I used Debug mode to test my code. it is okay If I set break points and press F10 many many times.
let 's say,
variable q
variable t inside a loop
when q=1 ,t will increase incrementally until q changes and it will start again
when I use debug mode and press F10, t can will increase incrementally without any problem.
q can reach 5 and the program is okay.
But If I don't use debug mode, Just press F5.
Q stuck in 3, and t increases inside a loop forever and never end the loop
I guess a problem in my code? but why debug mode can run my code
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per isakson
per isakson on 17 Aug 2014
I don't get it. Could you make a small example in executable code?

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