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Error using Real-Time Workshop. Name is nonexistent or not a directory.

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hello! I'm trying to generate source code for board stm32 vl discovery I use the block library rapidstm32.
After completion of code generation
RapidSTM32: Target built directory is: target_rapidstm32
RapidSTM32: Build completed at: 03-Sep-2011 18:02:40
I get an error
### Successful completion of Real-Time Workshop build procedure for model: target
Warning: During the 'exit' hook call to 'rapidstm32_make_rtw_hook', pwd was changed
Changing folders is not allowed. The pwd will be reset to:
### Real-Time Workshop build procedure for model: 'target' aborted due to an error.
Error message: Cannot CD to D:\stm32\mdls\target_rapidstm32 (Name is nonexistent or not a directory)
But this folder is created near the model file, and when I type in the command line
cd ('D:\stm32\mdls\target_rapidstm32')
everything is fine.
What am I doing wrong? I do everything like in the video tutorial here:
Thank you in advance for help!

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 5 Sep 2011
'rapidstm32_make_rtw_hook.m' is a .m file provided by the board supplier to do whatever processing they want through the standard RTW hook file. From the message, it seems that it tries to change the current folder, which is not allowed. However, this is a warning. I suspect the current folder is still changed. Maybe later, when it tries to change the folder back using relative path, it encountered an error.
But this is just my guess. You can open 'rapidstm32_make_rtw_hook.m', go to its 'exit' hook call to see where and why it needs to change directory. You can try modifying the file to see if it makes a difference. Be sure to make a copy first as this file is not meant to be modified by end user. My recommendation would be contact the board supplier technical support to report the problem.
One more thing is to make sure your current working folder is the folder that contains your model. Some scripts use relative path to change folder and it will cause problem.
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Alexander Slovak
Alexander Slovak on 5 Sep 2011
Thank you for your reply!
Yes, I tried to register on his support forum, but I have not received confirmation by e-mail.

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