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Setting path not working!

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Hi Guys,
I have my function files in a different directory as -
C:\lab\Abhilash\Analysis Tools
C:\lab\Abhilash\Analysis Tools\Third Party
The first folder contains my spike_trains.m function file which calls all other functions within it. In that spike_trains.m file, which is also a function-m file, I give an argument 'directory' which specifies the data directory, wherever it may be and then I do 'addpath(directory)' to add that path.
But I need to have a line which gets the current directory of the function-m files and then adds its path.
When I ask for 'pwd', it only gives me C:\lab\ and not the entire path as I wrote previously.
Could someone please help me out?


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Accepted Answer

Grzegorz Knor
Grzegorz Knor on 6 Sep 2011
If I understand correctly:
It returns the full path and name of the file in which the call occurs.

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Abhilash on 6 Sep 2011

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Abhilash on 6 Sep 2011
I specified another input argument where the user enters the name of the directory in which his function-m files are and then I do cd(f_dir), but I'd rather have it automated, where the program itself recognises the directory where the m-files are and makes it the current directory.


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