for loop for matlab files

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Rica on 2 Sep 2014
Edited: Evan on 2 Sep 2014
Hi all, i have a group of M-files. they ara named in this manner:
how could i read these files inn a loop?
thak you all

Accepted Answer

Evan on 2 Sep 2014
Edited: Evan on 2 Sep 2014
% where N is the number of files
for i = 1:N
load(['M' num2str(N) '.m'])
This will change based on whether or not you know how many of these files exist (if not, look into using the dir command) and how you want them to be stored (if they're all identically named variables but differ in size, I would suggest a structure; if they're the same size, you could just use a higher-dimension matrix).

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Iain on 2 Sep 2014
Ugh. The curse of eval strikes again.
That'll run them in a loop, but god help anyone trying to debug it.
for i = 1:m
eval(['M' num2str(i)])


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