MATLAB object only shows on plot if greater than certain value found in matrix

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I have code that plots the objects in a 3D scatter graph. Some objects move, so I have a color scale to show which ones move further than the others. Is there a way I can only show the objects that have moved a certain distance, and ignore the ones that haven't (i.e. they don't show up on plot)? Note: The c-axis is based on total displacement which is found in the 6th column. So I want to check this value for each object for each time step. If it is greater than 2.863, the object shows up. If it is not greater than 2.863, it does not show up.
This is the code that I have written:
filename= 'testing.gif'
FigHandle = figure('Position', [50, -30, 1000, 800]);
for i=1:1001
% axis([0 50 0 50 0 40]);

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