FFT in 3D matrix

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Rica on 12 Sep 2014
Commented: Pascal Weller on 18 Nov 2020
Hi all,
is there any pssibility wothout for loop to do the FFt of this:
F_domain = FFT (t_domain). t_domain is a matrix of 3D (800*10*200). the time axis is the First dimension (800). the second dimension is repetition of the Measurement. the Third dimens is the number of measurements.
Thank you all

Accepted Answer

David Young
David Young on 12 Sep 2014
I'm not quite sure what the second and third dimensions are, but assuming you want each column transformed on the time dimension, you would do this:
F_domain = fft(t_domain, [], 1);
Pascal Weller
Pascal Weller on 18 Nov 2020
Update: The syntax above is correct. It computes the FFT of size N on the columns for each layer individually.

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