How to load image to another script file using matlab GUI?

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Imran  Ali Shah
Imran Ali Shah on 14 Sep 2014
Commented: Imran Ali Shah on 14 Sep 2014
Hi every one. i want to build a GUI such that when I press a pushbutton it loads image and display it and also send that image to a .m script file

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Apdullah YAYIK
Apdullah YAYIK on 14 Sep 2014
Create button and Callback of this button write this code ;
_t=imread('samlpe.tiff') % load image
save(t) % save as .mat
% you can send image as MATLAB .mat file not as .m script
Then create axes object an name it as axes1
imshow(t,'Parent',handles.a_ axes1) % display image_
Also you can watch this simple video
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Imran  Ali Shah
Imran Ali Shah on 14 Sep 2014
Sir my question is how to send image to another script file. e.g I have script in which i read an image via imread function. Instead of using imread function i want to put that image in script file via button

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