BAR: Stacking identical data

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mathworks2011 on 10 Sep 2011
c = NaN(2,5);
c(1,:) = rand(1,5);
c(2,:) = randi(10,1,5);
c = sort(c,2);
bar(c(1,:), c(2,:), 'r',);
Here c is "fake" data to make it easier to understand.
Gives: "XData cannot contain duplicate values"
This is because I have two values the same e.g c(1,1) = c(1,2) AND c(2,1) = c(2,2).
However, I do wish to plot the second set of identical values, but as a bar on TOP OF the existing bar at that given value. Perhaps seperated by a space or perhaps by a thin black line. Any ideas on how I can do this? Thus showing there is a seperate set of data at this location on the x-axis.
I do not want to merge the data sets, as the fact they are seperate means something.
many thanks

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bym on 10 Sep 2011
using your 'fake' data try:
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mathworks2011 on 12 Sep 2011
As above. Displays one bar for each row. Does NOT allow duplicate values.

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