How to recognize Stateflow blocks using Simulink API (get_param)?

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In older Matlab/simulink version it was possible to detect a Stateflow block using Simulink get_param(...) command for example for a SF block:
>> get_param(gcb, 'BlockType')
ans =
>> get_param(gcb, 'MaskType')
ans =
So a Stateflow block could be detected by queering the BlockType = 'SubSystem' and MaskType = 'Stateflow'. But since the introduction of the new Simulink Editor (R2012b) the 'MaskType' parameter for s Stateflow block is empty (''). How can I recognize SF blocks using Simulink API get_param(...) command?
Regards, Wojtek

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John Harris
John Harris on 14 Dec 2017
To expand on Wojtek's solution and hopefully help out others who may be looking for this answer, SFBlockType is a parameter that seems to be present on SubSystems at least as far back as R2013a.
Values for 'SFBlockType' that I have found are:
  • 'Chart' (stateflow charts)
  • 'MATLAB Function' (MATLAB Functions)
  • 'NONE' (plain subsystems)
Note non sub-system blocks don't have this parameter, so if a non-subsystem block is selected
returns an error. Consider using a strcmp as a safety catch,
isAChart = strcmp(get_param(gcb,'SFBlockType'),'Chart');
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar on 28 Apr 2022
Thats great John!! Now I got the charts from our model. I want to set it's parameter like "Action Language" to C by set_param command but it doesn't recognize these parameters. Kindly help on it.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 2 Oct 2014
Hi Wojciech,
The most straightforward way to find Stateflow Chart blocks is by using the Stateflow API. For example, the following set of commands will give you all the Chart blocks in all currently open models.
S = sfroot;
charts = S.find('-isa','Stateflow.Chart');
To search only in some particular model:
S = sfroot;
myModel = S.find('-isa','Simulink.BlockDiagram','-and','Name','model_name');
charts = myModel.find('-isa','Stateflow.Chart');
Here is the landing page in our documentation for the Stateflow API.
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Wojciech Przystas
Wojciech Przystas on 15 Oct 2014
Hi Sebastian,
thanks for posting your answer. But in my case I would like to use the Simulink API instead of Stateflow API. The main reason is performance. I already got a solution for this problem using the 'SFBlockType' subsystem block parameter.
Regards, Wojtek

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Robert on 11 Jul 2017
Edited: Robert on 12 Jul 2017
Sebastian already pointed out the most stable - if awkward - way, using the stateflow api search methods, though you have to be careful to search the library if a stateflow block resides there and is only linked into your system.
There is another way only using the simulink api, as you required. Using find_system(gcb ,'MaskType', 'Stateflow') still finds the block, even though get_param will yield an empty MaskType on the very same. Seems to be some kind of backwards compatibility programmed into find_system, that is still working up to 2016b. Also awkward, but pure Simulink-API.
As Embedded Matlab blocks are technically integrated as Stateflow blocks into Simulink, these will be matched by find_system(... 'Stateflow') as well. So if you need to distinguish the different kinds of Stateflow embedments into Simulink, there is no way around Stateflow API.

Jamie Wardlaw
Jamie Wardlaw on 3 Oct 2018
So some years on I came back to this, the solution in 2018b that I am using is
%find stateflow charts
sf_charts = find_system(sysName,'MaskType','Stateflow');
Seems to work well.


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