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Runtime error - Win32 error even though all Win64

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Tim on 29 Sep 2014
Answered: Tim on 1 Oct 2014
Hi Matlab community,
I have following problem: A colleague of mine compiled a Matlab programm with R2014a. On his computer the executable is running fine. I have R2012a Win32 but of course I installed MCR 8.3 Win64 to run the executable by following the path given in the readme.txt.
The .exe starts running on my computer, but as soon as it is coming to a certain step it gives me the error message:
...\ipopt.mexw64 is not a valid Win32 application.
I don't understand why I am having a win32 error even though I am using MCR 8.3 Win64 on Windows 2007 64 bit. As I said, the executable is running fine on my colleagues computer with the same runtime and same OS. Only our Matlab versions differ.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!!

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Harsheel on 29 Sep 2014
It may happen if the 32-bit MATLAB R2012a installation paths appear before the installation path of the 64-bit MCR v83 in the environment variable PATH.
Could you change your PATH environment variable to make the installation path of the 64-bit MCR v83 come before the installation path to your 32-bit MATLAB? The default installation path of the MCR will be:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v83\runtime\win64
If this does not work, could you tell us the value of the PATH environment variable?

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Tim on 1 Oct 2014
Hi Harsheel, thanks for you reply!
However, I just figured out what the mistake was:
\ipopt.mexw64 is refering to my NLP solver IPOPT.
It requires the libraries
  • "Intel C++ Redistributable"
  • "Intel Visual Fortran Redistributable"
  • "Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable"
I was using the solver with in my own 32bit Matlab, so I only had the 32bit versions of the libraries installed. After installing the 64bit versions the Matlab .exe was running as desired.


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