Calculate steady state error for unit step and ramp input for Zero order hold

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how can I calculate the state error for unit step and ramp input for the sys2?
sys1=tf(1,[1 1 0])
I have calculated by hand and I get for unit step input 0
and for ramp input 0,1 steady state error
I want to check it now the the steady state error with matlab.
If my calculation by hand is ok.

Answers (1)

Paul on 24 Oct 2021
The by-hand calculations do not appear to be correct. A quick way to get an idea if the calculations for the step input are correct is to just plot the step response:
doc step
The ramp response can be plotted using
doc lsim
among other options.
Alternatively, the Symbolic Math Toolbox can be used to analytically compute the responses.




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