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Run mex on AWS cluster?

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Philip on 3 Oct 2014
Answered: Philip on 3 Oct 2014
Is it possible to run a mex function on an AWS cluster via MDCS? I use Windows 7 on my PC. Is it correct that I would need to compile it on Linux and then call then indicate in my parfor loop to use the Linux version of the mex?

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 3 Oct 2014
Hi Philip,
yes, that's right. You will need to recompile on a Linux box (64 Bit, since I hope you run on AWS 64 Bit as well). In your parfor loop you don't need to "indicate": since you just write the name of the function without the extension (suppose your mex file is foo.mexw64, then you write foo(...)), MATLAB will always look out for the mex file with the "correct" extension, i.e. foo.lgnx64).

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Philip on 3 Oct 2014
Great, thanks!

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