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How to get the name of the calling class in a static method?

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Daniel on 6 Oct 2014
Commented: Daniel on 7 Oct 2014
is there a way so that a static method can get the name of the class that is calling it?
In a non-static method, one always has the option of running class(obj) obj being the object on whihc the method is being applied. But how to do it for a static method?

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 6 Oct 2014
However, since inheritance doesn't really have any effect on static methods, you could just hardcode it in the method.
Daniel on 7 Oct 2014
Yes, it works, so I'll have to do it like this.
The calling syntax was actually important, as the idea is that the users of my package know the available class names and can find out through autocompletion the available methods accessible to the users. That's the standard setting in my system, but well. Sometimes one cannot avoid exceptions.

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