Insert Formula in Mupad Paragraph

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Alessio Nava
Alessio Nava on 11 Oct 2014
Answered: Martin Brown on 18 Mar 2015
is it possible to include some kind of formula in a Mupad paragraph? Something like Tex/Latex or any other way to include equations in a paragraph.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
Ale N.

Answers (3)

Alessio Nava
Alessio Nava on 14 Nov 2014
Nobody can help me?

timo on 2 Jan 2015
Unfortunately no :(. Mathematica has this feature :D

Martin Brown
Martin Brown on 18 Mar 2015
Sorry for the late response and may be too late to help you, but if you generate the formula inside a calculation and simply copy and paste the resulting expression to the relevant part of the text, this seems to work. I generally keep a "maths formula" notepad open which contains all the commands and their results and copy and paste the relevant bits to other notebooks

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