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Reading .dat files into Matlab

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Rob on 17 Oct 2014
Commented: Sushil Shakya on 9 Oct 2018
Dear all,
I tried to read a .dat file into matlab by :
fid = fopen('EMY.dat'); A = fread(fid,[128 128],'float'); fclose(fid); figure(1); imshow(A);
I get rotate image (look attach file), it's possible to make rotation? to get an image with "F" .
maybe somebody knows how to do the trick.Best regards

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Sushil Shakya
Sushil Shakya on 9 Oct 2018
I am geeting black output after reading .dat file in matlab?

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Accepted Answer

Iain on 17 Oct 2014
Theres a few "rotates".
flipud, fliplr, transpose/permute, imrotate...

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Rob on 17 Oct 2014
thanks ,it's helpful

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