MATLAB 2021b Crashes when opening .mlapp files or trying to download 2021b Runtime Library SOLUTION...

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Hello, an issue I had and solved that others may find useful. It was frustrating.
  1. I had been using MATLAB 2020b and the 2020b Runtime Libraries.
  2. I downloaded MATLAB 2021b and found that I couldn’t download the MATLAB 2021b Runtime Library because MATLAB crashed during the download process.
  3. It even crashed during the execution of the Menu Driven Compilation when the Libraries are downloaded.
  4. I couldn’t open up .mlapp files because MATLAB crashed. I could execute my application but when I tried to generate existing App Designer Panels (.mlapp ) in my application MATLAB 2021b crashed.
  5. I then read on line, that you needed to update 2021b to “Update 1”.
  6. I updated 2021b to “Update 1” and STILL could not open .mlapp files or execute my App Designer Panels in my application. It was very frustrating.
  7. BUT just for the fun of it, not knowing it would work, I tried to download the 2021b Runtime Libraries again, after having downloaded “Update 1”.
  8. This time, the 2021b Runtime Libraries download and installed properly.
  9. Also, after all this, everything worked as expected. I could open .mlapp files and my App Designer Panels in my application worked fine.
These “crashes” gave NO indication of what the error was or generated any logs or any error messages. Even thought my code is loaded with “try catch” blocks to catch errors.
This process was very frustrating because I could not find any documentation on this issue.
Robert Garneau
Robert Garneau on 22 Nov 2021
Sorry to hear that.
After downloading "Update 1" and then downloading the R2021b Runtime Libraries, (in that order). MATLAB 2021b hasn't crashed on me at all for the last three days. I've been doing a lot of testing of my application so this is a good sign. Hopefully it will last. So far so good.
Goot luck with your application. I wish you well.

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Answers (1)

Anshika Chourasia
Anshika Chourasia on 2 Dec 2021
Hi Robert,
The possible workaround for this issue is the same as what you've suggested. Developemnt team is aware about the crash and it's logging related isssue, and they're working on it.

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