Gazebo co-simulation in parallel computation

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I have a problem with parallel computation of my Gazebo cosimulation.
I want to run just communication with multiple gazebo instances. I have tried to run multiple Matlab instances but I have a model inide Simulink and I am not able to change the port number to variable. Or a walkaround to put gazebo communication to variant subsystem and change it for separate variation. Every time are changed all port numbers.
Thank you for any support

Accepted Answer

Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale on 23 Nov 2021
Hi Lukas,
The Gazebo preference storage is same for all blocks as well as port number accepts only integers. That is why, you are not able to change port number for multiple MATLAB session as well as to variable. Currently, we don't have workaround for this issue. We will work to fix this issue.

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