xlsread: why '°' isn't read correctly?

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Jette on 20 Oct 2014
Commented: Jette on 20 Oct 2014
I want to read an Excel file giving me names and units of some data. There is quite a lot of units with "°" (symbol for degree) in the table and I don't get them read correctly using xlsread. If I use the 2nd return parameter of xlsread, I get '' instead of '°'. If I use the 3rd return parameter, I get [0] instead of '°'.
Is there any way to get this unit read correctly into a MATLAB string?
I have to use MATLAB R2010b.

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Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 20 Oct 2014
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Jette on 20 Oct 2014
I don't understand what you want to tell me with this link. The symbol for degree '°' does not appear in this list. And even if it would appear - what would this have to do with my problem?

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