Repeating time values on x-axis

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Noush on 23 Nov 2021
Commented: dpb on 30 Nov 2021
Hi there,
I have a table that contains a first column with time of the day and a second with the power of a machine. I would like to plot the power on the y-axis and the time on the x-axis for a week.
When I use the command plot(time,power) I get this:
The graphs overlap, as the times repeats itself for each day. I don't want that. I dont want to use the xtick method to solve this, as it would require me to specify each xticklabel right? That would take too long. Rather, I'd like the graph to produce the xticks automatically and plot in such a way that the graphs for each day are lined up after each other.
I also have a column with the dates, I just don't know how to put that all together in the correct way for it to plot it the way I want.
Can you help?
Thank you!
dpb on 30 Nov 2021
"... convert text to datetime ... then immediately call timeof day on that."
Ah! I don't recall having come across that suggestion before, Peter, but it's a good one. I didn't even think of timeofday ...

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