Multiple figures, keep one in foreground

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I have a script in which 3 separate figures are used, while during the process it keeps adding information to the figures and with the pause command it is like an animation for figure(3). However, each time something is drawn on one of the other two figures, they briefly come to the foreground after something is drawn there. And then immediately something is drawn in figure(3) and it will wait there with the pause command. But I was wondering if it is possible to always keep figure(3) in the foreground, no matter what. So even if i draw something in figure(1) or figure(2) that figure(3) stays on top of everything.
Only way i could think off was to draw everything in figure(1) and (2) at the end of the script, but that would make the script much more chaotic.

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Orion on 21 Oct 2014
you can make figure 1 and 2 invisible during the process, and make them appear only at the end
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Hendrik on 21 Oct 2014
thank you, adding this line before each plotting command on (1) and (2) solved it

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