How can we combine the two figures?

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JooYoung Jeon
JooYoung Jeon on 25 Nov 2021
Commented: Star Strider on 26 Nov 2021
When you execute the code below, two plots are drawn.
However, I want to combine these two plots and make them into one plot. What should I do?
hold on
%%%%%%%%adding vertical lines%%%%%%%%
n = 20; %%%%%%%% number of lines %%%%%%%
x_ref = 7800;
yy = interp1(x,ys,xx);
for ci=1:n
plot([x_ref+(ci-n/2)*50 xx(ci)],[0 yy(ci)],'r');
hf = figure()
ha = axes()
hp1 = plot(hip_y, hip_z, 'o')
hp2 = plot(knee_y, knee_z, 'o')
hp3 = plot(ankle_y, ankle_z, 'o')
hp4 = plot(tarsal_y, tarsal_z, 'o')

Answers (1)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 25 Nov 2021
When you execute the code below, two plots are drawn.’
No, not without knowing what the variables are.
However the problem is that the beginning of the (posted) code creates figure(1) then after the loop, another figure appears and is assigned to ‘hf’, so everything subsequent to it is plotted in the second figure.
Use hold and eliminate the second figure call and it should work as desired.

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