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animation in matlab?

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how to make animation in matlab? i want to show animation for water flow and led blinking in matlab

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Grzegorz Knor
Grzegorz Knor on 16 Sep 2011
There is a lot of options. The main idea is as follows:
  • create an object (for example line)
  • change it propeties in a loop
simple example:
h = plot(sin(sqrt(2)*0+sqrt(3)),cos(sqrt(5)*0),'r.','MarkerSize',20);
xlim([-1 1])
ylim([-1 1])
axis off
for t=0.01:.01:100
See also:
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PRIYANK SHAH on 17 Sep 2011
thank u very much its working......
can u tell me
: is this possible to measure sound level (db) of generated sound signal using matlab ? sound signal is sent to sound card .. but i dont know how to measure it or how to save that data for ploting nd convert it into dB?
thanks again for ur reply...

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