Can I use Phasor simulation mode to simulate power systems with frequency dynamics?

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Zohaib on 24 Oct 2014
Answered: Sandip Kumar on 27 Oct 2014
I want to simulate a single phase power system with changing frequency. I want to work in Phasor simulation mode (in SimPowerSystems) as it is faster. I am not able to change source frequency in Phasor mode. Is it possible to have vairbale frequency or a change in frequency in phasor mode of simulation. I have seen some examples in MATLAB demos in which 3-phase machines are used and some frequency dynamics are involved. But I am unable to work it out for one phase.

Accepted Answer

Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 27 Oct 2014
Phasor simulation is meant to provide analysis of electro-mechanical oscillations of power systems at just one frequency. The documentation clearly says that ''faster solution technique gives the solution only at one particular frequency.''
To learn about single phase, you can make use of 'power_transient' example in the documentation.
>> power_transient
Thanks, Sandip

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