Simulink profiler timing problem

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Craig on 25 Oct 2014
Answered: Sandip Kumar on 27 Oct 2014
I have Show Profiler Report selected in Simulink 2013b
The simulink profiler is giving total recorded times in the order of 6 times longer than what i'm measuring using my watch.
What's going on?
Many thanks,

Answers (1)

Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 27 Oct 2014
First time when you run a model in Accelerator mode, and have profiler on, the report also includes the build of the model into an executable (i.e., the MEXW64 file). Probably this is the reason you are witnessing high recorded time compared to actual simulation of the model.
One way to quickly check is, to re-run the model (which already has the accelerator mode file present modelName_acc.mexw64 in the path). This time the profiler will show lower recorded time.
Some of the other ways of improving Accelerator mode performance is captured here:
Thanks, Sandip

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