How do I link Simplorer to Simulink

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Tarun on 26 Oct 2014
Answered: Jorge Pinto on 29 Jun 2021
I am trying to link my simplorer motor circuit with my simulink controller. As mentioned in Simplorer help, when I introduce a s-function block with name "AnsoftSFunction", I should get a simplorer link assignment block like this:
But nothing actually happens. When I click on the edit button of the block, I get this message
I have tried finding this AnsoftSFunction.tlc file but I couldn't find it anywhere. Please help.

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Georg Schmidt
Georg Schmidt on 4 Mar 2016
I had the same issue and solved it that way:
  1. You need administrator rights!! Make sure!!
  2. You need a compiler running in Matlab. Check with mex –setup. If you don't have one already, install it.
  3. Set the Matlab path in Simplorer: Tools –> Options -> General Options - > MiscellaneousOptions -> MATLAB Optimization set the MATLAB path.
  4. Set the Ansys Path in MATLAB: In Environment -> Set Path -> Add C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\AnsysEM16.2\Win64\cpl\matlab\r2014
  5. In Matlab create your model with an s-function called “AnsoftSFunction” , now you get that dialog from the manual.
  6. In the link assignment area add as many Inputs and Outputs you need (the little button with the yellow flash). Select One SIMULINK IN and one SIMPLORER OUT then press link.
  7. Press OK and and s-function with as many inputs and outputs you selected will be created. Build your Simulink model and save as *.mdl
  8. Now go to Simplorer and create Simulink Subcircuit: Simplorer Circuit -> Subcircuit -> Add Simulink Component… Select Read link information from the file. Connect to the simulink model you just created. Little button with three dots. Wait until all inputs and outputs are loaded. Select the Pin option for all inputs and outputs then press OK.9. Design your Simplorer circuit and save it. Then switch back to Simulink. In Simlink double click the s-function block. Select link information from file. Select the simplorer file you just created. Then press OK
Now both models are connected. There are a couple of more things you need to take care of, like simulation times and solvers. But you will figure that out yourself.
Kevin Bachovchin
Kevin Bachovchin on 26 Feb 2018
@Georg, Thanks for your helpful step-by-step solution. Could you please clarify what you mean by taking care of the simulation times and solvers? Should the time step and solver be set to be the same in both Simplorer and Simulink, or do you mean something different?
I am able to successfully link Simplorer and Simulink and run from either Simplorer or Simulink without getting any errors. However, the value being read in Simplorer from Simulink is coming out as all zeros. I'm thinking this might be happening due to a problem with the time step synchronization.

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Ganesh Gaonkar
Ganesh Gaonkar on 28 Oct 2014
From the Simplorer documentation available in the web , it is clear that they provide a custom target (.tlc) file that can be used to generate the required DLL file from the model which is necessary to interface it with Simulink. This DLL file can then be used with the Simplorer application. So check if you have enabled SIM2SIM link and all other pre requisites mentioned in the above mentioned document. Also try to test all the steps in the section 'Running The Advisor/Simplorer Demo' in the above document. If none of these help, may be it's better to contact Ansys Simplorer support team.

Vahid Asadzadeh
Vahid Asadzadeh on 11 Sep 2015
Hi, I have the same problem. Please help me to solve this issue
Many regards

Saeed H. Ebrahimi
Saeed H. Ebrahimi on 23 Apr 2018
Thanks, I did this with Ansys Electromagnetics Suite 19 and Matlab r2017b and it worked. Cheers.
sana kraiem
sana kraiem on 11 Sep 2020
Can you provide me the Matlab r2017b version please! thanks

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Jorge Pinto
Jorge Pinto on 29 Jun 2021
This still works with versions Ansys R2019 and Matlab R2020b

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