Remove specific field and "push up" its contents without losing the data.

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I am loading a structure into MatLab and I would like to remove a field without losing the contents of that field. I'll explain exactly what I mean nowsince that may be confusing.
After loading the structure
Data.c1 = load(Data.mat);
The output is
Data.c1.Data.sN; % where I have 1-N "s" fields
I want to effectively convert this to
Data.c1.sN; % "pushing up" the "s" fields from 1-N
All the data within the lowest "s" fields would be moved up and take the place of the field Data in the variable Data.
Is there an easy way to do that?

Accepted Answer

Nathaniel H Werner
Nathaniel H Werner on 4 Dec 2021
Looks like something as simple as this works.
A = struct2cell(Data);
B = A{1};
C = B.Data.s;
Data.c1 = C;

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Dec 2021
temp = rmfield(Data.c1, 'Data');
fn_temp = fieldnames(Data.c1);
fn_c1D = fieldnames(Data.c1.Data);
combined_cell = [struct2cell(fn_temp); struct2cell(Data.c1.Data)];
combined_fn = [fn_temp;fn_c1D];
Data.c1 = cell2struct(combined_cell, combined_fn);
Obviously test this first !!

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