How to store the simulink run/stop status in matlab work space?

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Hyunjun Shin
Hyunjun Shin on 27 Oct 2014
Commented: Hyunjun Shin on 3 Nov 2014
I am trying to use simulink advanced control tool box in Aspen HYSYS dynamic model. I have to start/stop HYSYS dynamic model after calculations are done from simulink toolbox.
I hope to execute iterative commands to start/stop the hysys dynamic model using the status of simulink run/stop in MATLAB.
Any kinds of comment will be appreciated.

Answers (1)

Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 28 Oct 2014
In order to get the status of the model, use the following command:
get_param(<modelName>, 'SimulationStatus')
More information can be found here:
Thanks, Sandip

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