Unknown Matlab Error #35

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Nathan on 28 Oct 2014
Answered: Sandip Kumar on 29 Oct 2014
Hello. I am trying to run a Simulink model that has an embedded matlab function in it, but the code refuses to run and I keep getting errors that I don't know how to solve.
Error using Initialize_pointing_Function (line 64)
Errors occurred during parsing of MATLAB function 'Kalman Filter'(#35)
Line 64 is simply the line that calls the simulink model and the Kalman Filter is the embedded function that is having the problems. My question is this. What does the #35 mean? I have looked all over and cannot find an answer. Secondly, is there a way to tell where specifically the errors are occurring in the embedded function?

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Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 29 Oct 2014
The #35 is a link to the line of code in the MATLAB Fcn Block. Furthermore,
I think 'kalman' function is not supported for code gen, which is triggered during compilation of the MATLAB Fcn Block. Supported function list is here:
One way to bypass this limitation is to define the function as 'coder.extrinsic' at the beginning of the file:
Another way is to use the 'Kalman Filter' Simulink block directly:
Thanks, Sandip

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