extract/access same fields from multiple structures (it is a nested structure)

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I have 9 structures (1*1 structures), each structure contains 45 fields. some of the field are single values such as : TKE 0.12 in the first structure, TKE 0.005 in the second structure and so on. I am trying to get the TKE fields form these structures and have them in one array (I wanna plot them later). I am not sure how to do it! could anyone please give me a quidance? (by the code: name_of_structure_one.TKE I can get the first TKE which is 0.12 but I want to have all the nine TKE in one array! (TKE is the name of one of the fields)
P.S I put all the 9 structure in one structure using load file_name.mat, thought I can work with it easier maybe! so now I have one structure which has 9 structures in it each structure has 45 fileds in it. how can I get one of the fileds from all 9 structures?
thanks a lot!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2021
temp = [S1; S2; S3; S4; S5; S6; S7; S8; S9];
all_TKE = [temp.TKE];
The above would only work if the structures all have the same fields in the same order. Otherwise,
all_TKE = cellfun(@(S) S.TKE, {S1; S2; S3; S4; S5; S6; S7; S8; S9});
Narges Raee
Narges Raee on 13 Dec 2021
I have found a solution that does not nedd the names of the files! I put it here so people who search this question an answer can see it:
c = who ()
this will give you all the structures in a single structure and then you can get the field you are looking for easily!

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