Matlab using parallels on M1 macbook pro

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Rebecka on 8 Dec 2021
Commented: Walter Roberson on 13 Dec 2021
For the purpose of research, I need to use a image analysis program designed for windows, that requires matlab, which is run using parallels on macs with intel-processors. I'm currently looking at purchasing a new macbook pro m1 for work. Collegues have warned me that it's only possible to run the insider preview ARM-based windows 11, not x86, using parallels on macbook M1, which is, if I understand this correctly, not compatible with matlab, and therefore I cannot run the programs needed for work. Do anyone know any solution to this problem? I would be most thankful.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Dec 2021
Supported Guest Operating Systems (Mac with Apple M1 chip):
Only ARM versions of operating systems are supported.
  • Windows 11 on ARM (recommended)
  • Additional information on the M1 experience may be found in this article.
  • Windows ARM can run most of the regular Windows x86 applications. You can download the Parallels Desktop trial and install the application of your interest. If it doesn't work, let us know at Parallels Forum.
But notice it talks about Windows x86, not about Windows x64 . They really do mean x86 -- as in 32 bit programs.
So, what just might work, maybe is to use MATLAB R2015b for Windows 32 bit, inside Windows 11 on ARM... even though R2015b is not officially supported by even Windows 10, it just might work.
To be honest... I wouldn't stake my buying decision on it "maybe" working.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Dec 2021
The Windows ARM x64 support is significantly behind their ARM x86 support. In June the x64 was pre-beta, experimental release, not even Developer's release.

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