How to open a 12-bit .raw image file from Matlab

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Hello guys,
Firt timer here asking a question. I have a 12-bit .raw image file save from our experiment - this normall consist of up to 10,000 frames.
I am trying to us matlab to read this .raw file and reconstruct it back into frame images, e.g. Tiff ones. But, as you may expect already, I kept on failing. I have attached a single frame example here.
What I tried is to reconstruct this single frame first.
Just to read this what I got is a 2621440x1 single array unit 16. My image is 1280x1024, so for some reason I dont know, the element count doubled. I tried some method to pick 1310720 elements out and use reshape to get an image, but never got what I need.
Some assistance here would be greatly appreciated. cheers
Lingzhe Rao
Lingzhe Rao on 21 Dec 2021
Thank you for the efforts DGM.
Good news is that at least we are seeing the images, though in several blocks. I am still confused on how to reconstructing them into one and there seem like no documentation illustrating how the datas are packed.

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Answers (1)

Naif Alsalem
Naif Alsalem on 3 Apr 2022
How would you know the number of frames in the .raw image? I have a .raw image that contains many frames but I need to know how many are they. Any idea ?




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