Two circles geometry problems

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Circle1 with radius intersects with Circle 2 with radius . The Circle 1 has center , and Circle 2 has the center at the initial point. When the Circle 1 rotates with an angle θ, the Circle 2 that is attached to the Circle 1 change its coordination of the centre from to$(-d\cos\theta, -d\sin\theta)$.
I have a problem determining as shown in the figure.
I am not a mathematician. So, take me easy! Thank in advance !

Accepted Answer

Matthew Mishrikey
Matthew Mishrikey on 4 Jan 2022
Not clear from the second drawing what the dl of interest is.
Let's assume dl is the distance between the left edge of each circle.
d_l = -r_1 - (-d cos \theta - r_2)
d_l / d_\theta = d sin \theta

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