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Python commands require a supported version of CPython. See Getting Started with Python.

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Hi, i already call python before.
woke up in the morning and this issue coming out..
how can i fix it?

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 12 Jun 2024
In regard to the error ‘Python commands require a supported version of CPython’ you have encountered, following response by MathWorks Support Team could be helpful:
As mentioned in the reference provided above, may indicate one of the following issues, depending on your platform.
Windows: You may have installed Python from the Microsoft store. MATLAB does not support ‘CPython’ versions from the Microsoft store. If this is the case, install a distribution, such as those found at .
Linux and Mac: You may have installed Python without configuring the build with the "--enable-shared" flag. If this is the case, reinstall Python with this flag enabled.
If MATLAB does not recognize the new Python installation in neither of the cases, you can verify by running the following command in the MATLAB command window.
I hope the information provided above is helpful.

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