"Run Section" doesn't work as I would expect

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I have the following function, with a couple of code sections defined. (I've also attached it.)
function [] = runSectionBug()
%% Code Section 1
disp('I am in Code Section 1')
disp('Put a breakpoint here (line 6). Run code to this line, then try to run Code Section 2')
%% Code Section 2
disp('I am in Code section 2. But do I also see a plot when I run this section?')
In prior versions of MATLAB, it was possible to do the following:
  1. Place a breakpoint just ahead of Code Section 2
  2. Run the code up to that breakpoint
  3. Use "Run Section" (with the GUI button, or command-Enter on a Mac) to execute just that section
But in 2021b, that doesn't seem to work. (I don't know when this behavior changed.)
It feels like a bug to me that this does not work, because this seems like exactly the scenario that Code Sections are tailored to. But support does not seem to agree, and suggested a work-around of highlighting the code I want to run, and using the "Evaluate Selection" functionality instead.
I'm curious if other folks are using Code Sections, are/were they using them like I did, and I guess just thoughts in general.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 11 Feb 2022
I also noticed this recently. The workaround I used is to manually select the section and then run selection (F9). But that can be a lot of work if the section is long.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Feb 2022
After my initial interactions with Mathworks support, I later received confirmation that this is indeed a bug in R2021b. It will be fixed in a future release (I believe R2022a).
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 5 Jul 2022
It's easier to just press F9 to "run selection" (after highlighting a selection).

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