uicontrol text background color - value must be numeric

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Hi guys, Am writing code to display a temporary figure displaying a generic 'file loading' msg while processing continues in background.
Am trying to change the background color of the text uicontrol that displays the msg so that it matches the background of the figure, but I get the following error msg
if true
% code
Error using uicontrol
Value must be numeric
here is a snippet of the code in question, the line beginning 'uicontrol' is the culprit, but I can't see whats wrong with the value for backgroundcolor.
if true
hFig = figure('Menubar','none', 'Resize','off', ...
'Units','pixels', 'Position',[300 300 225 imgH*1.3]);
hAx = axes('Parent',hFig, ...
'Units','pixels', 'Position',[(imgW*1.3-imgW)/2 (imgW*1.3-imgW)/2 imgW imgH]);
hImg = imshow(img(:,:,:,1), map, 'Parent',hAx);
uicontrol('Parent',hFig,'Style','text','BackgroundColor',[0.8 0.8 0.8],...
'Units','normalized','Position',[0.35 0.42 0.5 0.4],...
'String','Loading image(s): Please wait...','FontSize','12');
Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks Allen

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Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 5 Dec 2014
In your uicontrol when you use the Fontsize property remove the apostrophes around 12. It should be double not string.
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Allen Kelly
Allen Kelly on 5 Dec 2014
Of course! The error was initially with the background color (had input 4 values instead of 3) so think I was fixed on that
Thanks for your help

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