Matlab 2012a does not install and not activate on a new McBook Air 11"

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Vito Marangelli
Vito Marangelli on 7 Dec 2014
Edited: Image Analyst on 16 Dec 2014
I bought a new MacBook Air" with OS X Mavericks that I upgraded to Yosemite. I managed to download the products of my license from When I try to start the InstallforMac the app stops suddenly (all done for Java 6, Xquarz reinstall, Core Data .., etc.). I am the administrator of the Academic license and the activation is rightful. Eventually I tried to transfer the Matlab app from my iMac to the Air (main app, license directory .matlab, Library/Application Support matlab directories and all). I changed the Licence.lic with the correct Mac Address for the new computer and the correct name. At this moment the application starts from the alias in the terminal and gives no license error 9, but stops on the Activation process for a Java error). Can anybody help me?
Vito Marangelli
Vito Marangelli on 16 Dec 2014
I am sorry to say that the page you cite does not give any useful information regarding the inability to start the InstallForMac and Activate apps on Yosemite.
I had to resolve this problem in a very difficult way, that was to copy my Matlab app and all due folders from my old Air to the new one. Wooo!!

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