How to sync folders between different network drives

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KRUNAL on 8 Dec 2014
Commented: stevenol on 14 Jan 2015
I am MATLAB user and I usually create scripts that either creates outputs as plot figures or write data to files (eg excel files). Currently, what I do is after creating my outputs on my network drive I either send files to the admin or another network drive manually (giving those files via hard drive or may be just copy the files on accessing their network drive).
However now, I wish to do either of the following two possible things :
  1. When I create those output files, it should be written directly on another network drive.OR
  2. Create a sync folder between the two network drives (just like a dropbox or Onedrive) wherein if I write my output files to that folder, it should be available on another network drive which is being accessed by someone else (for eg if it is connected via LAN)
For reference, I saw a function on file exchange called syncfolder
However, I am not sure if it really is useful for me, because it nowhere mentions about using different network drive.
So, can anyone tell me how to go about this problem and make this achievable.
P.S : I would be glad if someone is able to get me option #2 mentioned above.
stevenol on 14 Jan 2015
If you want to sync files, I suggest you try KrojamSoft SyncFile . It works well unlike other sync softwares.

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